Saturday, February 7, 2009

I don't want them to grow up

The next couple of weeks hold big milestones around our home. We have Dave's birthday, Valentines Day, and Ryan's Birthday all in the same week. It just might be one of the busiest weeks we have had in a long while. Ryan has already started talking about his birthday and he get extremely agitated when we talk about Dave's. Although Dave's is a week before Ryan's, I have learned this week not to mention that "daddy's comes first" -at least not if I do not want my almost 3 year old to scream like a girl and make a HUGE scene.

We had the worst trip that we have ever had to Target in forever. Let me start the story by saying that my actions may not have been what I would like others to see me do BUT I am human, a mom, and I do have a rough temper (sometimes). So... we were in Target and my dad has graciously come to watch the kids tonight so that Dave and I can go to dinner in Tampa for his birthday. My dad took Ash and Ry to look in the toy section while I shopped for everything else with Lexi. I had headed back to the Valentines section (ughhh-kindergarten valentines exchange) when Ashley informed me that they had the High School Musical 3 DVD out for sale. My first thought was that she was mistaken because that movie isn't being released until February 17. We have it marked on our calendar so that I can get it for her the day it comes out. So I asked if she was fibbing and she vehemently told me that they had it. I looked at her like most adults look at kids and gave her "the look" -you know the one, and we headed down the aisle to check out. We had to walk right past the toy section and what does my daughter hold up but a High School Musical 3 DVD. Now yes- I do know it isn't supposed to be out until the 17th but there was a large stack of them sitting there and my 5 year old is beside herself with glee so I said throw it in- we can get it. We then walk up to the check out counter and when the cashier rings it the screen says- CAN NOT SELL UNTIL FEBRUARY 17. I politely tell her that there is a large stack of the movies in the toy section and that it isn't my fault if someone there screwed up and put them out early. So , a manager comes over, takes the movie and just says I can't sell it to you and my temper erupted. I said, "I have a 5 year old who has been waiting for this movie for 3 months, you tell HER that we can't buy it!" It was childish of me but I live with Ashley and not this manager, well I don't think I mentioned it but Ryan was getting a movie too. When the manager said he couldn't sell us the movie, he didn't specify which one and my 3 year old starts wailing in the check out line because he now thinks he isn't getting a movie. Ahhhh... luckily I have a infant who just sat in her carrier and slept through it all, because I do NOT like this growing up stuff.
We have all had a rough day and this picture sums it up for us!

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