Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am so excited- and I just can't hide it

I love taking pictures. In college I took photography 1 and 2 just for fun, but i didn't really pay attention or read the books or anthing like that. Well, about six months ago- my wonderful parents bought me this...

little did I know what I could actually do with it.

It is amazing what you can do once you (dum da da dum) read the manual. Since I do not have enough to do today I thought that I would have a little photo shoot with Lexi and of course I had to take some pictures of the world's most beautiful boy. Uh huh- yes I did just call my son beautiful (inside and out). He has the most amazing eyes that I have ever seen and no that isn't because they are my color. Little man got the color by mixing mine and dave's perfectly. God did know what he was doing when he gave the boy beautiful eyes. I can already see the line forming of girls coming to our house just to be be seen by my boy. Ok, so off topic but that is how my thoughts flow so...on to the photography study.

I have decided to take some time and play with it a little and I love the pictures that I got with it today of both of the kids I had home. I am sure that Asha will get some time with the camera when she gets home from school.

My largest problem is I am not creative. I have no idea how to set up shots that do not look just like every other shot that I take.

Any suggestions? oh and pictures to come soon

:)So love these kids :)

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