Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tower of Terror Recap

I loved it!!! my M not so much :(

Dave and I drove over Saturday morning and checked in to the Gaylord Palms ( favorite hotel ever!) and then went to packet pick up at the Wide World of Sports. At this point we found out that we could buy tickets to the post race party so Dave could see me finish and I think this is where I became really excited to do the race. Earlier in the week I didn't think he would be able to be at the finish so after we bought his ticket I was so relieved that he wouldn't have to waste an hour and a half in the parking lot that I just vowed to relax and enjoy.

We met up with M and J and their significant others and went to Wolfgang Puck for lunch at Downtown Disney.

*I definitely had a nutrition goal for my pre-race and it went wonderfully.

I had the best pumpkin ravioli and some bread for lunch- it was seriously so good. M and J went to packet pick up and then we went back to the hotel for naps. Yes the naps that didn't happen because I could not turn my mind off and I kept going over the course in my head. Well my body was able to relax I guess which may have helped too. We went to Columbia for dinner and I had more bread and a salad. At this point it was getting close to 7 and we had to be at the park by 9 p.m. (normally in bed by 9)

We went back to the hotel to get dressed and I had a major dilemma- what to wear. I had my outfit picked out but it was a little cooler than usual, about 67ish and I didn't know if I should wear capris or a shirt over my running tank. Decided to just run in my original outfit and my Zensah leg sleeves.

WE got to the MGM parking lot and waited for J to arrive. I really had to use the restroom so I ate my hammer bar, kissed my hubs goodbye and told him i would see him at the finish and went to meet J at the start . I was still not feeling as nervous as usual but excited. Asked someone where the porta potties were and they said we had to use bathroom by MGM. So we walked that way then were told that those bathrooms were closed (in a rude manner) and that we needed to go back the way we just came from. By now I really had to go so I wasn't in a joking mood with the Disney workers. Finally found the potties which were right next to the starting line. Not the best place for the porta potties because it created a big mass of people right where we were supposed to be corralled for the race.

I used the potties and stood in line in the corral with J and M. WE all had our ipods in case they had to drop back or if we got separated. I was planning on staying with M to the end unless she had to stop but I am getting ahead of myself. At 10:30 the fireworks went off and we started, well we walked to the start because there were A LOT of people lined up WRONG and that was a tad annoying. We started and I already had gone over the course so I knew were every mile marker was. My plan was to take 2 chomps at the start, 1 at mile 4, and 1 at mile 7 to get me to the finish. Miles 1 & 2 were just getting out of the crowd of people and at 2 we had to run down a dirt path leading back into the Wide World of Sports. Miles 3 & 4 was running through Wide World of Sports fields. We were on the sidewalk running and then ran around a track, at this point J decided that she was going to fall back which was cool. She did a great job! At mile 4 we took out chomp and M said she felt ok. I knew that from mile 4-6 it was the MOST BORING part of the whole course. We were on the main road leading to MGM and we had to run up and down the ramps. M started to hurt about this time and I was trying to encourage her to do what she felt she needed to. Mile 6 was right outside of MGM and we had just run this 2 weeks ago. I was feeling really good still but M was not. She told me to go and that is just what i did.
I felt awesome so I picked up my pace and I had the BEST 2 MILES EVER!! I was running faster than I ever have and I was having so much fun. I was passing people left and right and I just kept picking it up. I got to mile 7 and took my chomp and I did my last mile in 8 MINUTES!!!!! There was a hill leading up to mile 8 but I was totally mentally prepared for it and was having so much fun that it might have been flat ground for all my body knew. I flew up that silly hill saw the 8 mile marker and knew I was only a turn from the finish. My endurance was definitely built up because I wasn't even tired. I crossed the finish smiling because my watch said 1:24.01 and Dave was there taking my pic and telling me great job!! I really feel like I could have ran 5 more that night. I have never felt better running than during the 13K. M came in at 1:35 and J at 1:39. M was having knee issues and could barely walk so we went back to the the hotel and I had to take Dave to the airport the next morning but since I was still on my running high not sleeping wasn't much of a problem.

M is taking about a month off but I ran today and realized that I still love it. I love running 3 miles just as much as I did the 8.

They aren't doing this race again but there is a replacement and I will definitely be signing up for it when registration opens Nov 16th.

Happy Running!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tower of Splendor

Full report coming soon but i finished the 13K in

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Am I ready?

Well, today was my last long run before the 13K- what is it with all the K's anyways and why when you get to a half does it finally go to miles- ok off topic. So the race is 8.01 miles. Today I ran at 11:45 a.m. and I did 7 miles by myself no M or T to run with me. I have NEVER ran anything over 5 by myself so this was a big deal for me. My hubs decided that he would ride the bike with Ry and Lexi and keep me company as I ran.
I was not going to turn down extra motivation so we decided that I would run and he would ride. When we originally talked about this plan I thought we would be going around 8:45 a.m. but Dave had a meeting with the chief so we didn't go until 11:45 (ugh!) We live in Florida BUT we are having a cold front (ha! I think it was in the mid 70's) so I was really nervous about running in the middle of the day. I usually do long runs at night (after the sun goes down) but I got my wonderful Nathan belt out, filled the water bottles, got my GU Chomp to take for a little boost at mile 4 and we took off.
It was so odd to be by myself but not alone. I say this because although Dave never left me, he isn't chatty like my girls. Usually we just talk and all of a sudden the miles are over. Not so today! Dave would talk to me for a while then fall back and then come up and talk to me some more. Once we hit the half way mark, I took my GU chomp and I still felt good. My endurance is definitely ok for the distance, I just hope that my legs do not rebel on me on Saturday. So we were to mile 4.5 when I heard this loud noise behind me and then what comes bounding out of the woods? 2 DEER!!! A doe followed by a buck with big horns. I literally stopped in my tracks because they freaked me out so bad. Dave thought it was neat and our kids loved it but it made my heartbeat soar which wasn't good for my last 2.5 miles. Plus I stopped running which is No-No for me. So since I was walking I drank some water and started running again. This was also the first time I ever ran with the Nathans Belt. It was a little uncomfortable at first but after the first few miles I really didn't notice it anymore. So, I started running again and Dave was riding along with me. It was a nice running with my family. Once I made the turn towards home I knew that I could do it. I knew that I was going to have run the 7 miles. I ran it at about a 10 minute pace which I was totally ok with seeing as I had never done it without gabbing before.
I am also glad that I was able to show my hubs and kids what I can do.
So, am I ready? I think I am . I am looking forward to Saturday knowing that it will be at night (no sun) and lots of people running around me (if not with me). I think that mentally I am confident that my body is ready. I will be wearing my one Zensah, which I have worn on my last 3 runs because my leg felt like it needed the extra support. I am hoping that M will be able to run the race with me but since she still has a groin injury it is doubtful that if she does race that she will run. I am going to run! I have been training and I know that I will be fine on my own if that is what happens.
Well, gotta do some Mommy Duties.
Happy Running!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The difference between day and night

Thank you for all of your encouraging words about the eating. It is going well this week and I am treating it like training :)

I ran last night with T. She has wanted to run without the joggers and if finally worked out on a night. We met at her house and took off around 7:40. It was such a gorgeous night. The temperature was about 65 and that is the coolest temperature that I have ever run in. We took off ran down to the gate and it didn't open so we did a little adventure racing and shimmied under the gate (funny sight). We kept running and all of a sudden it there were no more street lights and then the sidewalk ended...so we turned around and had to rethink our course. We were only supposed to go five but we ended up doing 6 and walking a half to cool down. It was so much fun.

I was supposed to run a long run with M tomorrow night but she still has some groin pain from the 10K and we have the 13K this coming Saturday so we will see how she feels but T might run with us too. It is supposed to be in the 50's so pray that my Florida self doesn't freeze while running-ha!

I am really looking forward to doing the Tower of Terror 13K this Saturday. First because it is at night...a little late with a start time of 10:30 and my goal is to finish before midnight- which to me is a generous goal. Whether or not I finish in that time I am really going to try and enjoy this race. They won't be doing this one again because they added the Wine and Dine Half Marathon next October. I will be signing up for that as soon as registration opens- super excited about doing a half at night (remember I am not fond of mornings!)

Congrats to all of you who had races this weekend!! Hope you have a great week of recovery.

Happy Running!!

p.s. we went to the pumpking patch this weekend and my little pumpkin is 11 months old today


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scared and Emberassed

I just received the link to the pics that were taken at the 10K and I am emaciated. Honestly when i look in the mirror I do not see that skeletal person that is me (i guess). It also scares the crap out of me! I have looked way worse (scary thought i know) but I have. At my lowest I weighed 10 lbs less than I do now and I didn't exercise. It was not a good time and I was trying to find something to control and my weight and eating habits fit the bill.
I wrote in a previous post about balance and I am NOT balancing very well I guess.
If you follow me on twitter I made some very nice comments about my talk with the scale (haha) and then I see pics of myself and I totally get slapped in the face. I really am struggling and I do not want to give up running at all but eating more isn't helping.
I haven't written about my runs this week (although I have ran every day) but I am making a conscious effort to put on the lbs. It is so hard, even though I know it is best because I do want to be healthy and I think it will make me run better too.
The people closest to me have been true encourager's and I appreciate them so much. After I saw the first pictures (that I took) I was upset but now I am just really sad. I am sad that this matters to me so much and I am MAD at myself. So.... operation put on 10 lbs is officially on.
This is my marathon!!! It is going to be hard. People say "just eat" but I feel like I have been so we are going to try something else I guess.
I am still going to be training for my half in March but I am going to HAVE to solve my nutrition issues and quick because I WILL NOT look like a skeleton in those pics. I want to be proud of them.
Happy Running!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Race For the Taste 10K

Let me start by saying thank you to M, J, and Becky for making it a really fun weekend. It was the first time since I got married that I have gone ANYWHERE without my husband and kids. I did realize however, that I missed them immensely and will probably have them with me at any and all future races. We left of Saturday around noon and got to Wide World of Sports for the packet pick up and expo. Once again SOOOOOO disappointed with the Disney expo. You would think that because this is a race at Disney they would have something. I bought absolutely nothing because there was nothing to buy (sigh). We didn't get shirts either but we did get a beer mug (which my husband has claimed for his own). We had planned on going to Giordano's for our pre-race dinner and I have to say that I was not let down. My usual pre-race meal of choice is pizza and Giordano's did not disappoint. Becky and I shared a pizza that looked like this:

it was soooooo good!!! Then, we went back to the hotel, looked around and went to bed.

I was under the impression that the race started at 7:30 BUT it started at 7.


We had the wake-up call come in at 5:30 but M & J were up at 5. I ate my cliff bar (so didn't like it but forgot my hammer ones :( ), got dressed and off we went to the Wide World of Sports for the start of the race. I was a little nervous because we usually do our long runs at night but I must get over this because most races start in the morning (ugh!). We missed most of the crazy traffic and got there about 6:15ish. M met up with her brother and we took some pre-race pics

Of course I had to go use the porta pottys and the lines were CRAZY!! I probably stood in line for 30 minutes and then it was time to line up and start the race. Now, I knew that Becky would leave us and that was ok. I totally expected her to do awesome. She has been running for 2 years and is in the middle of marathon training. She did great and finished in 57:45- SO PROUD OF HER!

So we started Becky, took off and so did J. I am a slow and steady person so I don't sprint at the beginning because I knew we had 5 more miles to go and I wanted us to enjoy it and finish in our time not anyone else's. M and I just kept running and the 1st mile went by so fast. I think that was because we were running on 192 and there were so many people in such a small space. Before I knew it we were running into Hollywood Studios. We ran awhile with M's brother and then we just kind of enjoyed running behind the Light's, Motor's Action set. We went out the back side of Hollywood Studios and 3 miles were done. At this point I knew the rest of the course because we walk it ALL the time when we go to Disney. Around mile 5.5, my legs started to feel a tad heavy and I my tummy wasn't too happy about the cliff bar. I actually felt like I was going to be sick which has never happened to me before. Note to self: REMEMBER your HAMMER BARS!!! The best thing about running races at Disney is that most of them end in the same place. I knew once we passed Space Ship Earth that we had .2 left and I knew that no matter if I lost my cliff bar that I would finish strong and we did. We finished in 1:02.02. It was 2 minutes longer than I wanted but honestly I am so proud of the time we finished in. We ran and we had as much fun as 2 moms could have. We finished and I went and got my complimentary diet coke and all was well in my world. We got our medals, took tons of pictures and I was bummed that my hubs and kids weren't there.

I am so proud of my running girls. We have Tower of Terror 13K to look forward to in 2 weeks and it is at night (HALLELUJAH!!) It will be my last longer distance race before I begin training for the half next March.

Can't wait until Oct 15th when they announce how they are changing the races at Disney for next year! Hope everyone else had fun while running this weekend.

Happy Running!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The trials of training and the glory of accomplishment

I won't lie- training for a race of any length with kids is tricky, especially if you live in Florida and the average temperature between 9a.m. and 7p.m. is 95. I started my training for a 5k (yes already passed but on to that later) on August 1st. At that point I just found a training schedule and began running. I remember the day that I started ,I went 2 miles and I felt pretty good at the end. I figured that since my 5k wasn't until September 26th that I would not be last and that I would have a great time with my husband and I would enjoy being able to run. About a week later my sister in law asked me if I would sign up for a 10K with her that was 2 weeks after the 5k. I signed up and then she said she may not be able to go. HUH??
This was something that she wanted to do, not me, but since I made a commitment, I figured that I may as well train for the 10K and then do the 5K as a training run.
I printed out my schedule (intermediate seemed doable to me), put in on my refrigerator and followed it as best as a mom with a husband who works weird hours could.
Let me say this too...I LOVE RUNNING.
I always have enjoyed it but it really has helped me to have that certain time a day that I focus only on me. I focus on my breathing, moving one foot in front of the other, and not getting hit by cars :) Running has given me confidence again and I just love lacing up my shoes and going.
I made running a priority every day and everyone around me knew- that I was training and what I was training for. Eventually M started running with me and I have found a great peace in running with someone else. I find comfort in doing something I love and not doing it alone.
So we trained, rain or shine, in mostly HOT weather. I started running in the mid-morning (although I love to run at night, even if it isn't quite safe), running with my jogger (ugh!), and simply enjoying being able to run.
When people ask my why I run, I always tell them the same thing- because I can.
So this morning when I crossed my last 2 mile run off my training schedule and the next run I am supposed to do is the 10K, I am proud of what I have been able to do. I am giddy because in 2 days I get to run 10K with M and Becky (she decided she could make it after all). Some days I don't think that I am a "real" runner because I don't honestly care how fast I get there. Miley says it best when she says, "It's the climb!"
I enjoy the training as much as the races. I enjoy running with my girls and running alone. There is always going to be another race, I am signed up for 2 more after the 10K but to me this one is special because it is the first that I have trained diligently for and I am going to enjoy it (and hopefully finish under and hour :))

Happy Running!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

8 miles and a recantation- HA

First off I have to let you know I had to return the Brooks- sniff. I really did enjoy them that first run BUT I exchanged them this morning. I went into my trusted Fit2Run and told them that my knee was killing me 5 or so miles into my run. Oh, your IT band that is common. IT band? what? my knee hurts! Well this is what I found out about IT bands.

Jeff Gallaway's website says:

Where does it hurt? Almost always on the outside of the leg, from the knee to the hip. The pain from I-T band is most often felt on the outside of the knee, slightly below the intersection of the two leg bones. For some, pain may be centered just above that point. In rare cases it may hurt on the outside just below the hip, and occasionally the pain may radiate up and down the outside of the leg, at various times. We will concentrate on the most common site, the outside of the knee.

It says to treat it do this:

1. Take enough time off to get the healing started (usually 3-5 days) 2. Take vitamin C. When I have an injury such as I-T band, I take 1000mg of Vitamin C, 3-5 times a day. Consult with a sports nutritionist for further information about vitamin C and other nutrients which can speed healing. 3. Stretch the tendon. The I-T band is one of few running injuries that is helped by stretching. Start with the stretches recommended and experiment to find ones that reduce or eliminate the pain. You can stretch before, after, and during a run‹and even in the evening, or while sitting at your desk at work. Stretching primarily reduces the tension on the tendon so that it doesn't hurt for a while. By keeping the I-T band flexible you also reduce the continued pulling on it, and may help it to heal to some extent. Experiment with different stretches for the area. The best ones are those that release the I-T band at that time, giving you instant relief. Compare stretches with other I-T band sufferers, but very few runners will use the same stretch routine. You will find that different stretches help at different times, even on the same run. 4. Ice massage. Freeze a paper cup and every night, rub the ice directly on the area of pain until it gets numb (usually about 15 minutes). Be advised that there's usually no healing effect from ice in a plastic bag, towel or frozen gel pac. It helps to ice the injury immediately after a run, but even if you miss this opportunity, ice it well at least once a day. 5. Run on level surface. Uneven surfaces will fatigue the muscles and tendons and increase the chance of I-T band irritation. A road that is slanted can cause I-T band problems on one run.6. Get the right shoe and possibly an orthotic. Even the perfect shoe (whatever that is) will lose support from the midsole, usually without any outward sign on the shoes. To run on these shoes usually aggravates the injury. Shoe experts, (such as the ones in really good running stores) can advise you in finding current shoes which can give the support or cushion your foot needs. Overpronated floppy feet show some shoe wear on the inside of the forefoot and benefit from motion control shoes. You'll have to give them feedback how the shoes feel and whether there are any discomfort areas. The shoe should be an extension of your foot without any extraordinary pressure or tension.

So... I bought these instead

On to the 8 mile recap. I feel enduarance wise I am in GREAT shape. The actual distance didn't bother me. I actually enjoyed running for an hour and a half. About mile 5 my knee started hurting which was most likely due to the shoes not giving me enough support (or so says the shoe lady at Fit2Run). I am taking today off to rest this IT band thing and hopefully can run my 4 miles tomorrow in the new shoes to test them out.

The kids are all feeling better and look at this cutie

she is going to be 11 months old soon. AND she is calling me now :)

Happy Running!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What?!? The stomach flu? (a very LONG update)

I am sorry that I haven't posted but if you follow me on twitter you would know that we have been battling the stomach flu here in Kyleland since EARLY and I do mean early Wednesday morning. I woke up around 1:30ish to someone running around the upstairs. I thought it was Ryan so I got up to investigate and heard someone crying. So I ran up the stairs to find Ashley who had been in her bathroom got tummy sick and RAN to Ryan's bathroom to thrown up (i know my kids are a little odd). So I cleaned up the mess, got her in clean clothes, places towels all over her room, and gave her a bucket (so she wouldn't have to run around). Then she and I both went back to sleep. Ry came down around 6 which was when Dave proceeded to follow in Ashley's footsteps- without all the switching bathrooms. He said that if Ash felt like he did to keep her home from school. At this point Ryan wasn't showing any symptoms of being sick AT ALL so I thought they had gotten food poisoning since Dave and Ash had been out the night before for cheer. So, I take Ry to school and bring Ash home for a little rest. She is still getting sick at regular intervals and can not eat or drink ANYTHING. She takes a nap and then Dave calls to tell me he is coming home from work because he is too sick to be there says his Deputy Chief. This about the time I was going to pick up Ry and I had an epiphany. If Dave was home and Ash and Ry were napping I could go for a short run with Lexi.
HMMMM! Maybe not my best idea!
Dave comes home, Ash and Ry are sleeping and I take off with Lexi. It is about 1:15 or so by now so it has already been a pretty long day. I had a pretty good run but was feeling a little guilty about leaving my sick kids with their sick daddy, so I only ran about 2 miles. I walked in the door to Ryan's bedding which he had gotten sick on-YUCKY!!! and my little boy sitting on the couch looking so exhausted. Dave was feeling better at this point but this was the beginning of my 4 days FULL OF LAUNDRY. I honestly think I did about 15 loads total of sheets and towels and I was tempted to run to Home Depot and buy one of those blue tarps that they sell during hurricane season and lay all of my family on those to not have to wash more sheets.
So, by the end of Wednesday everyone was feeling a bit better and I was feeling pretty confident because I still felt ok. I decided to sleep on the couch so that I could hear the kids better during the night.
DeJaVu! Ry came down and slept on the floor next to the couch and then around 6...ummmm...i didn't feel so hot and I layed on the couch for the next 18 hours. I only got up 3 times to use the restroom. During those 18 hours I SLEPT!!! WHAT?!?! 18 hours of sleep- I guess my body was trying to tell me that it was tired. The worst part for me wasn't the tummy problems it was that my bones hurt so badly. I just kept telling myself that there were people out there with real diseases that wouldn't be gone in 24 hours like my pain would be. I was finally able to take some Tylenol to help break my fever and when I woke up about 6:30ish I felt better and ate a bowl of Cookie Crisp (ha!)
I have to say that Friday and this morning all I have done is Lysol toys, wipe surfaces, and do more laundry. The kids seem to be feeling much better and that is a blessing in itself. I am trying to rest up because tomorrow night I have a date with M to run 7-8 miles and I am looking forward to it but am so nervous at the same time. I know that we can do it and I honestly don't really care about the time I do it in just that I do it. So, say a little prayer for me that my body is rested enough (come on 18 hours!) and that I feel strong throughout the run.
Hope you all had great runs this week and weekend. Those who had races I hope you ROCKED THEM! and Until tomorrow...

Happy Running!!