Thursday, October 8, 2009

The trials of training and the glory of accomplishment

I won't lie- training for a race of any length with kids is tricky, especially if you live in Florida and the average temperature between 9a.m. and 7p.m. is 95. I started my training for a 5k (yes already passed but on to that later) on August 1st. At that point I just found a training schedule and began running. I remember the day that I started ,I went 2 miles and I felt pretty good at the end. I figured that since my 5k wasn't until September 26th that I would not be last and that I would have a great time with my husband and I would enjoy being able to run. About a week later my sister in law asked me if I would sign up for a 10K with her that was 2 weeks after the 5k. I signed up and then she said she may not be able to go. HUH??
This was something that she wanted to do, not me, but since I made a commitment, I figured that I may as well train for the 10K and then do the 5K as a training run.
I printed out my schedule (intermediate seemed doable to me), put in on my refrigerator and followed it as best as a mom with a husband who works weird hours could.
Let me say this too...I LOVE RUNNING.
I always have enjoyed it but it really has helped me to have that certain time a day that I focus only on me. I focus on my breathing, moving one foot in front of the other, and not getting hit by cars :) Running has given me confidence again and I just love lacing up my shoes and going.
I made running a priority every day and everyone around me knew- that I was training and what I was training for. Eventually M started running with me and I have found a great peace in running with someone else. I find comfort in doing something I love and not doing it alone.
So we trained, rain or shine, in mostly HOT weather. I started running in the mid-morning (although I love to run at night, even if it isn't quite safe), running with my jogger (ugh!), and simply enjoying being able to run.
When people ask my why I run, I always tell them the same thing- because I can.
So this morning when I crossed my last 2 mile run off my training schedule and the next run I am supposed to do is the 10K, I am proud of what I have been able to do. I am giddy because in 2 days I get to run 10K with M and Becky (she decided she could make it after all). Some days I don't think that I am a "real" runner because I don't honestly care how fast I get there. Miley says it best when she says, "It's the climb!"
I enjoy the training as much as the races. I enjoy running with my girls and running alone. There is always going to be another race, I am signed up for 2 more after the 10K but to me this one is special because it is the first that I have trained diligently for and I am going to enjoy it (and hopefully finish under and hour :))

Happy Running!!

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  1. Couldn't have said it any better!

    And, for your SIL, I think some people love the IDEA of running, just maybe not the actual RUNNING part. :) I've had several friends pump me up about races and then back out.. Oh well. :)
    We're the ones that feel the best at the finish! :)