Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Race For the Taste 10K

Let me start by saying thank you to M, J, and Becky for making it a really fun weekend. It was the first time since I got married that I have gone ANYWHERE without my husband and kids. I did realize however, that I missed them immensely and will probably have them with me at any and all future races. We left of Saturday around noon and got to Wide World of Sports for the packet pick up and expo. Once again SOOOOOO disappointed with the Disney expo. You would think that because this is a race at Disney they would have something. I bought absolutely nothing because there was nothing to buy (sigh). We didn't get shirts either but we did get a beer mug (which my husband has claimed for his own). We had planned on going to Giordano's for our pre-race dinner and I have to say that I was not let down. My usual pre-race meal of choice is pizza and Giordano's did not disappoint. Becky and I shared a pizza that looked like this:

it was soooooo good!!! Then, we went back to the hotel, looked around and went to bed.

I was under the impression that the race started at 7:30 BUT it started at 7.


We had the wake-up call come in at 5:30 but M & J were up at 5. I ate my cliff bar (so didn't like it but forgot my hammer ones :( ), got dressed and off we went to the Wide World of Sports for the start of the race. I was a little nervous because we usually do our long runs at night but I must get over this because most races start in the morning (ugh!). We missed most of the crazy traffic and got there about 6:15ish. M met up with her brother and we took some pre-race pics

Of course I had to go use the porta pottys and the lines were CRAZY!! I probably stood in line for 30 minutes and then it was time to line up and start the race. Now, I knew that Becky would leave us and that was ok. I totally expected her to do awesome. She has been running for 2 years and is in the middle of marathon training. She did great and finished in 57:45- SO PROUD OF HER!

So we started Becky, took off and so did J. I am a slow and steady person so I don't sprint at the beginning because I knew we had 5 more miles to go and I wanted us to enjoy it and finish in our time not anyone else's. M and I just kept running and the 1st mile went by so fast. I think that was because we were running on 192 and there were so many people in such a small space. Before I knew it we were running into Hollywood Studios. We ran awhile with M's brother and then we just kind of enjoyed running behind the Light's, Motor's Action set. We went out the back side of Hollywood Studios and 3 miles were done. At this point I knew the rest of the course because we walk it ALL the time when we go to Disney. Around mile 5.5, my legs started to feel a tad heavy and I my tummy wasn't too happy about the cliff bar. I actually felt like I was going to be sick which has never happened to me before. Note to self: REMEMBER your HAMMER BARS!!! The best thing about running races at Disney is that most of them end in the same place. I knew once we passed Space Ship Earth that we had .2 left and I knew that no matter if I lost my cliff bar that I would finish strong and we did. We finished in 1:02.02. It was 2 minutes longer than I wanted but honestly I am so proud of the time we finished in. We ran and we had as much fun as 2 moms could have. We finished and I went and got my complimentary diet coke and all was well in my world. We got our medals, took tons of pictures and I was bummed that my hubs and kids weren't there.

I am so proud of my running girls. We have Tower of Terror 13K to look forward to in 2 weeks and it is at night (HALLELUJAH!!) It will be my last longer distance race before I begin training for the half next March.

Can't wait until Oct 15th when they announce how they are changing the races at Disney for next year! Hope everyone else had fun while running this weekend.

Happy Running!!

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  1. Jama,
    I am SO GLAD you guys had such a GREAT time at the 10K... that's awesome! As I was reading your post, I sat here and said aloud to my hubby, "Hey, that's right. We ran past this and that.." I didn't even remember! :( That's funny @ the porta potties - we stood in line a LONG time, didn't we?? OMG! And yes, the first mile seemed to slide by. So much easier when it was cooler.

    Your pics are great - you will find the balance you need to for the weight you want to gain. Healthy is so different for each person, isn't it?? I'm so sorry I didn't list you on my earlier post this week - my brain was a little fried! Thanks for stopping by, and replying.

    I'm ready to run tomorrow, and feel renewed. I'm doing a few short races each month, from the Turkey Trot to a beach race in Feb, getting ready for the March Princess 1/2, which I'm planning to run, too - need to get started on my training now - first on paper, then on the street. WE will have FUN in that race. :)

    Take care,