Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Am I ready?

Well, today was my last long run before the 13K- what is it with all the K's anyways and why when you get to a half does it finally go to miles- ok off topic. So the race is 8.01 miles. Today I ran at 11:45 a.m. and I did 7 miles by myself no M or T to run with me. I have NEVER ran anything over 5 by myself so this was a big deal for me. My hubs decided that he would ride the bike with Ry and Lexi and keep me company as I ran.
I was not going to turn down extra motivation so we decided that I would run and he would ride. When we originally talked about this plan I thought we would be going around 8:45 a.m. but Dave had a meeting with the chief so we didn't go until 11:45 (ugh!) We live in Florida BUT we are having a cold front (ha! I think it was in the mid 70's) so I was really nervous about running in the middle of the day. I usually do long runs at night (after the sun goes down) but I got my wonderful Nathan belt out, filled the water bottles, got my GU Chomp to take for a little boost at mile 4 and we took off.
It was so odd to be by myself but not alone. I say this because although Dave never left me, he isn't chatty like my girls. Usually we just talk and all of a sudden the miles are over. Not so today! Dave would talk to me for a while then fall back and then come up and talk to me some more. Once we hit the half way mark, I took my GU chomp and I still felt good. My endurance is definitely ok for the distance, I just hope that my legs do not rebel on me on Saturday. So we were to mile 4.5 when I heard this loud noise behind me and then what comes bounding out of the woods? 2 DEER!!! A doe followed by a buck with big horns. I literally stopped in my tracks because they freaked me out so bad. Dave thought it was neat and our kids loved it but it made my heartbeat soar which wasn't good for my last 2.5 miles. Plus I stopped running which is No-No for me. So since I was walking I drank some water and started running again. This was also the first time I ever ran with the Nathans Belt. It was a little uncomfortable at first but after the first few miles I really didn't notice it anymore. So, I started running again and Dave was riding along with me. It was a nice running with my family. Once I made the turn towards home I knew that I could do it. I knew that I was going to have run the 7 miles. I ran it at about a 10 minute pace which I was totally ok with seeing as I had never done it without gabbing before.
I am also glad that I was able to show my hubs and kids what I can do.
So, am I ready? I think I am . I am looking forward to Saturday knowing that it will be at night (no sun) and lots of people running around me (if not with me). I think that mentally I am confident that my body is ready. I will be wearing my one Zensah, which I have worn on my last 3 runs because my leg felt like it needed the extra support. I am hoping that M will be able to run the race with me but since she still has a groin injury it is doubtful that if she does race that she will run. I am going to run! I have been training and I know that I will be fine on my own if that is what happens.
Well, gotta do some Mommy Duties.
Happy Running!!

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