Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am a bad blogger

It seems as though I haven’t blogged in forever, and I haven’t with good reason. At 33 weeks in my pregnancy I was admitted to the hospital and they kept me there for 2 WEEKS!!! It was a very rough time for me- no physically but mentally. It was very hard to be away from Ryan and Ashleya nd even though I knew I was there to help Lexi, I felt like I was deserting my other kids who I had never left for more than a day in their lives. We were very blessed though because Auntie Becky was able to come and help with the everyday kids activities which left Dave available to be with me in the hospital. The hardest time of the day was when everyone was able to go home and I had to stay. I learned so much about myself during those 2 weeks, some good and some bad, but in the end Lexi was born 4 weeks early (we did spend a week in the NICU but just for antibiotics) and everyone is back to normal.
Normal for me has definitely changed. I think things through a little more than I used to and I have a greater appreciation for being able to things with those I care for.
So… 2009 is a new begining. I am thrilled that I now have 3 kids. Lexi is a treat, Ryan is potty training (not very succesfully), and Ashley is in cheerleading, awana, ballet, you name it she is doing it. I am so blessed

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