Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A New Day

AS with every day, a new day will dawn in the morning. That is what I find comfort in every night before I go to bed, even if my day has gone well, there is always a new day waiting to dawn.
Let us start with the running shall we?
Today I ran with M and my kids (in the jogger). We did 4.08 miles or so in 37 '12". I guess that is a 9 minute pace which I am thrilled to death with. I definitely feel good about how far I have come in the last 2 months of running and I know that if I WANT to then I will continue to succeed.
We had cheer last night and tonight we have a private tumbling class. I just want my girl to be able to be the best that she can be and I if at some point she isn't having fun with this anymore then we will reevaluate- but for now she loves being a cheerleader.
Ry is feeling much better and so is Lexi Lu.
Dave came home and watched the kids last night, then got up this morning and I won't see him again until Thursday night when we pick him up from the airport.
Our new normal kinda stinks right now but you have to just keep on moving (at least when running) and I consider life a lot like running :)
Other new- The Biggest Loser begins tonight and I am soooooooo excited to have my weekly date with Bob, Gillian, Alison, and the Losers. I always get more motivated when I see HUGE (being honest here) people accomplishing weight loss by working hard. Well almost time to pick up Ashley.

Happy Running!

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