Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time flies

At least it does around here and I want it to stop! (ok- reality check Jama) It is already Thursday. I have ran 3+ miles everyday this week and I really feel good. I am finally getting into a routine that I can handle but that if I have to adjust I can.
I started running with the baby jogger this week. I would much rather not be running with the baby jogger but if I want to run, then I must take my kids. I have definitely conquered the mental block of running past the light (haha) and now I know that I can run with the baby jogger so, 2 major mental blocks have been broken this week.
I also have a consistent Tues/Thurs running buddy in M. We ran 3 on Tues and 4 today. After my long runs this weekend it calls for a 5 mile run next Tues and I think that M is going to come with me. Also we signed up for the 4 mile Fit2Run race which is in 9 days. Running with a buddy has helped my outlook a lot and it has definitely made me accountable. We also are reading through Isaiah and I love being able to read a verse and be totally smacked upside my head by God daily :)
On the family front...Dave is out of town A LOT in the next 2 weeks (hence the baby jogger dilemma). Ashley has MANDATORY cheer practice on Saturday. Did I mention in their routine that she is in the front middle AND that she is a flyer in the stunt in the FRONT?!? I don't really know yet if she is going to stay there but after 2 weeks of cheer it seems like she still likes it and is improving all the time. Ryan went 2 swim classes without his bubble. I am so proud of my little frog. He also is doing wonderfully in school. No accidents since the first day-hooray!!
Little Lexi will be 1o months next week and she is going to be walking soon. She now crawls (quickly) around the house, stands up on the furniture and some days is brave enough to "travel" along the couch.
Things in Kyleland are going really well. I'm off to read Isaiah 6.

Happy Running!!

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  1. ahh the baby jogger, i love to hate it! Thanks so much for following my blog, I just subscribed to yours as well! Happy Running!!