Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy, Busy

It has been non stop going since the New Jersey invasion happened on Thursday afternoon. My in-laws are planning on buying a home within 5 miles of us so the last few days we have been visiting houses and I think they have finally narrowed it down to 2. We have also been doing "Easter" things: cooking, Easter eggs, egg hunts, and let us not forget shopping. It has been a lot of fun but I am so tired.

We watched a movie together last night (minus the kids) and it was pretty good. We watched Slumdog Millionaire and it was really hard for me to watch and not know that those kids actually live that way.

Today we went to the Easter Eggstravenganza at church this morning and the kids had so much fun riding horses, trains, and bouncing. Tonight we are going to see Hannah Montana the movie and Ashley is really excited. We are making it a girls night- ha! Well, almost time for me to go get my hair done (AHHHHHHHHHH! alone time for the mommy).

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