Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wiping our tears

I have been reading some blogs that I frequent today and my heart is heavy. There are so many families that are hurting and going through change. I just finished reading Angie's blog about today and I was having a hard time keeping it together. I began to cry and Ashley wanted to know what was wrong. I told her about Audrey and Angie and I continued to let the tears fall for them when Ashley went running to the kitchen and came back with a tissue. She then proceeded to wipe the tears from my face and kiss both of my cheeks. Which to be honest made me cry a little harder. I just kept thinking that I wonder if that is how God feels when I am wiping the tears from my kids eyes. Is he proud of me? Because in the moment that Ashley wiped my tears I was so proud of her. I was proud that she was showing compassion for me in a situation that she knew nothing about. I was just proud of the little lady that she is becoming in front of my eyes daily. She has so many talents that the Lord has blessed her with but I really think that the one that I am going to be proudest of is her compassion to help others.

Please say a prayer for Angie and her girls today. Here is a pic of my girl who has made me a proud momma today.

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