Friday, April 3, 2009


Today is the last day before Ashley is off for Spring Break. Although she has been in preschool before this is the first year that Spring Break has official meaning to us. While in preschool I wouldn't really even think twice if we wanted to go out of town and she was in school. Since we were paying for her to be there I would let her miss. Kindergarten is a whole new ball game. You can only miss a certain amount of days, and what if she happens to get sick? But we are lucky that we have family coming in to town so there will be a lot of activities planned for next week.

Today I met my friend Shannon for breakfast. She has 3 boys ages 4,3, and 1. Her middle son is Ryan's age and they had so much fun playing dinosaurs and "building castles" with jelly packets. It was nice to be able to sit and chat with a good friend and not worry about the boys because they were chatting away too. Ryan kept calling Caleb- "that boy", it was so cute. Of course Lexi just sat in her car seat, ate her apples and was an absolute angel.

When we were paying, the lady in front of me looked familiar but I couldn't place her...and then I did. She had been Lexi's nurse(one of the many) in the NICU. Now, we were not liked in the NICU and I am not proud of that but the communication between us and the doctors wasn't there and I am still not thrilled with them 4 months later. However, the nurses who took care of Lexi were great. So it was nice to see her but I am so glad we never have to go back. It also just made me start thinking of that week (not my best week) and I thought I would post a pic of our experience there and of now-Enjoy!!

One Day Old

4 months old


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